A day off.

January 23, 2009, 08:18:29 AM
Well, seems Soph has caught a bit of a stomach virus that has been going around.  So she’s off school, and I’m off work.  Called in some vac. time, staying home to coddle the little one.  Actually looking forward to it.  She’s surely sick, but the kid always has such a positive attitude, such a trooper….. puke, wipe mouth, and smile and start babbling, immediately after…… slight fever, too.  It amazes me the way she still sees the best in the situation, when most adults, if as sick as her, would be lying in bed whining like invalids.  I guess the cartoons and day off balance it out, in her mind…….
Those of you who are parents know this routine, buckets strategically placed throughout the home, from where she sits, to the bathroom.  Sort of a barfing path / walk.
I guess we just make the best of it we can.  Makes no sense to worry over that which we cannot change.

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Located in the pocono mountains region of NE Pennsylvania.
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